ALAG’s 30th anniversary celebration dinner

ALAG’s 30th anniversary celebration

Tuesday 22nd October 2013 at the Roxy Restaurant, Southall; 4-8pm

It may have been cold, wet and windy outside but inside the Roxy restaurant Southall, the atmosphere was warm and friendly as guests arrived to celebrate ALAG’s 30th anniversary. The room was well set up and the flowers on the table and chocolates added to the ambience of the already cosy and welcoming surroundings.

Founder and current members Aruna Shah and Sushil Sharma, accompanied by current member Anjali Das were on hand to welcome our first guests: Christie Ikeogu (Nigerian Heritage Group), Andy Ryan (Stellar Libraries), Mr Qureshi (Urdu books supplier all the way from the Book Centre in Bradford) and his colleague Mr Shah. Current Chair Gulshan Iqbal and Secretary Monna Rizvi due to work commitments, joined the welcoming committee later.

ALAG’s first social meeting 30 years ago, took place at the same restaurant. To find out more about the event, who were the other guests, what was said and to view photographs of the evening please click on the link below:

ALAG’s 30th anniversary celebration report 221013

ALAG members appreciate the support of all our guests who attended and for making the occasion such a special one. Thank you.


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