Get thee to a library – Cityread 2017 is here!

cityread logoCityread is now with us.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this reading scheme – Cityread is an annual celebration of reading across London. Each year Cityread invites London’s residents, workers and visitors to read the same book during April. Like a huge book group!  The novel is a starting point for debate, events and other promotions.

prophecyThis year’s chosen book is Prophecy by  S.J.Parris.  The book is a historical thriller set in Elizabethan London.  The main character is Giordano Bruno, who is based on a real person, he is a former monk and now excommunicated renegade free thinker living in London in exile from his native Italy.  He finds himself embroiled in a dangerous plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I and replace her with the imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots.  Surrounded by religious conflict, occult practices, murder and suspicion he must tread with cunning to foil the plot and catch a murderer.

If you want to know if he succeeds pick up the book today!


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