The British in India – exhibition at Ealing Road Library

ALAG are proud to be associated with the Indo-British Heritage Trust to bring you a vibrant and informative exhibition celebrating over 400 years of the relationship between India and Britain.

IBHT exhibition 2

The exhibition panels can be viewed at Ealing Road Library during opening hours. ALAG would like to thank the Indo-British Heritage Trust, Brent Museum and Brent Libraries for their on-going support.

If you are interested in Indo – British history then look out for the following books written by Kusoom Vadgama and available to borrow from Brent Libraries:



Did India benefit from British rule?

This years marks 400 years since the British first arrived in India in 1616.

dr-kusoom-vadgamaDr Kusoom Vadgama, prominent historian and advocate of Indo-British history and founder of the Indo-British Heritage Trust was instrumental in organising a debate on whether or not India benefited from the British Raj? You can find out which famous people took part in this debate and the final outcome by clicking on the links below:

Read about the debate here 

Watch the debate on YouTube here

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