My Dear I wanted to tell you discussed at Slough Library

On Tuesday 15th April, ALAG in partnership with Slough Libraries hosted a Cityread event using the translated synopsis in Urdu, Panjabi, Hindi and English. 16 adults and 5 children attended and had an enjoyable time.

ALAG members Gulshan Iqbal, Kamaljit Bedi, Jolly Chakraborty and Monna Rizvi also attended with Kamaljit giving a detailed account of the story in Hindi and Gulshan sharing Urdu poetry with guests.

The book was well received and created a lively discussion around the theme of war, both current and past and how people’s lives are affected forever even after the war ends.

Here are some photos that we would like to share with you:

Cityread Slough2 150414Cityread Slough4 150414 Cityread Slough3 150414
Cityread Slough1 150414


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